Failure Can Be a Good Thing!

Growing up we have been trained to believe that if you make a mistake or failed at something then something is wrong and you could not, or would not achieve your goals. You probably wouldn’t even be a success if you failed. Remember when you failed that test? Didn’t you think you were then going to fail the class, then not graduate and now you are doomed to a life of poverty? Teaching our children that failure seem perfectly normal, but the problem with this is when we get older and want to achieve certain things in life we become timid and afraid to step out there because we do not want to fail. My husband has a huge entrepreneurial spirit and for the first few years of our marriage that’s what he did. Whether it was having our own travel business, selling legal aid, or a basketball coach, he was always doing something. His spirit fueled me and inspired me to become a Realtor. When things started to get really tight I decided to find a job so we could have a stable income. He decided to do the same but with no luck. It came to a point where he was out of work for almost two years and became frustrated because he was not supporting his family. During this time, although I was working I knew we still needed extra income and therefore I really started to focus on growing my business part-time. My husband eventually found a job and it looked like our financial situation was turning up. My husband watched as I took small consistent steps to grow my business and now my entrepreneurial spirit was fueling his. The only problem was, he was afraid. Afraid to get started because he failed at entrepreneurship already and he didn’t want to go down that route. Although things didn’t work for me as a Realtor, I never looked at it as I failure. What I realized was I didn’t like being a Realtor. It wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. So instead I started a business in something I was actually good at, and that’s building websites. Action Step: Failures are our teaching tools. They are life lessons that can lead us into the next phase of our life. Failures should not be looked at as something so horrible that you will never succeed again, but more so as a lesson. From each moment something did not work learn from it. Figure out why it didn’t work and what can you take away from this situation to help you reach your dream in the future. Failure is not bad but it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to do it again with more knowledge and experience.

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